How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Plantation shutters don’t just make a room appear more attractive, but they can also enhance the overall appearance of the space. Similar to other wood features like crown molding, plantation shutters can add character and appeal to the appearance of your home. In addition, they can provide a strikingly stylish appearance to windows and is the reason why plantation shutters are trendy nowadays. However, many people believe that shutters are costly.

However, this isn’t the case at all. In this article, we will discuss how much the plantation shutters cost so you can get an idea before you make a hasty decision.

Average Cost of Purchasing and Installing Plantation Shutters

When the plantation shutters were first introduced, people primarily used them to help block the sun from large plantation houses. Today, plantation shutters for interiors provide a stylish appearance while maintaining airflow and absorbing heat.

The typical cost to install the unit will be $2,350. Most homeowners expend around $1,450 and $3,360, but this depends upon the dimensions of the window as well as the chosen material. The wood shutters cost starts at $200 and goes up to $350 for each window. The price of composite or faux shutters is somewhere between $70 to $260 per window.

Installation Cost Plantation Shutters

The price to install the unit is between $20 and $40 per sq ft, and most homeowners pay $100-$200 for installing the shutters. Costs for labor depend entirely on your home’s location as well as the overhead of the contractor and how extensive the job is.

Installing shutters in your house isn’t necessarily an easy process. You’ll need to take a variety of dimensions to make sure that they perfectly fit your window. If you are confused about the process, then don’t worry. You will find specific instructions about how to level and anchor the shutters. Sometimes, you will need a wooden frame, but that depends on the installation.

Average Cost for Polymer Shutters

Because of the material, polymer plantation shutters are ideal for rooms with solid sun or high humidity. The polymer can withstand these conditions without cracking, warping, or discoloring, insulating three times more effectively than wood.

However, not all polymer shutters are created equal. Particular shutters are hollow, meaning they’ll lose their shape with time. Instead, look for shutters with a strong yet light polymer that’ll last you several years.

Since the shutters are made of synthetic material, they’re less expensive than wood. The price range for the polymer is between $200 and $300 for a single panel or $400-$600 for a standard 3’x 5 3” window. You could pay less or more because the window type and dimensions determine prices.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Plantation Shutters Cost

When you install and purchase shutters for your plantation on your own, it will save about 100 dollars per window for labor or higher if the professional offers the minimum amount for travel and work.

Plantation shutters can be very heavy. Hence, you will definitely need help to install them. If you’ve got an experience in DIY home projects, be familiar with the installation guidelines for shutters. Make sure that you have appropriate equipment and materials before you begin.

Shutters are usually retailed on a per square foot base. To determine each window’s area, begin using its width multiplied by its height and then divide the sum by 144. This will give you an estimate of the square footage. Alongside the price of shutters, you will likely require hinges, screws, shims, closures, caulk, bolts, and magnets or catches, which will cost around 30 – 50 dollars.

Faux Wood Shutters Plantation Cost

The faux wood costs are roughly 50% less than real shutters made of wood. Faux wood plantation shutters generally cost around $70-$260 per window, and prices range between $39 to $255 per window, depending primarily on the dimension.

On the other hand, a plantation shutter with 30 x 40 made of basswood costs $307 without installation, whereas if you purchase faux wooden shutters for a window that has the dimensions of 30 x 40, it would cost just $145 installed.

Cost of Wood Plantation Shutters

These are typically priced between $200 and $350 per one window, and their cost is between $177-and $540 a window, dependent on the dimension. For example, shutters that fit a Golden Oal window measuring 23×32 inches would cost $92 to install. Mahogany shutters windows of 35×54 would cost $228 when installed.

Advantages of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters, often referred to as California shutters in recent times, are popular among many homeowners across the United States. Mainly for their bedroom and living rooms.

A few of the benefits of shutters with plantations are:

1.      Conserving energy

The large louvers effectively block out unwanted sunlight, heat, or cold, thus cutting energy costs. Remember that the larger the louvers, the higher the power to conserve energy. This means a higher price.

2.      Decor 

The design of shutters is compatible with virtually any decor style, from traditional to cottage. In addition, they’re offered in a range of paint colors and wood finishes.

3.      Privacy

The shutters come with an angle you can adjust to give you an excellent view of the outside and block out any outsiders looking inside your home. If you’re looking for complete security, you only need to do is close them completely.

4.      Durability

While regular blinds are susceptible to breaking or bending, shutters that are plantation (whether wooden or made of composite) are more durable. High-quality shutters last for a long time and are also easier to maintain.

5.      Airflow

You can easily fine-tune the slats to control the airflow if you open the window behind the shutter. While using blinds, they’ll be rattled and blown away if you try this. Plantation shutters won’t make any sound.


To determine if shutters are worth the cost to you or not, you’ll have to decide whether they can add value to your home. For example, if you use plan to use them frequently, they will potentially cut down your utility bills and help you save money. 

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